(Madeline) We just want to say a very big THANK YOU, for helping to make our wedding day so wonderful! It really was such a special day for us. I think that in a sense, we are both still feeling a little “shell shocked” by how powerful and meaningful it was to say just those few words to one another, in front of our friends and family. We both expected it would be emotional, but neither of us was really prepared for quite how incredible it would feel! Thank you so much for your guidance and patience before the ceremony and for leading us through it in such a fitting way. You helped us to create a moment in our lives that was truly amazing and for that we will be eternally grateful! G&R

(KAren) You were beyond amazing – truly the best person I could have wished to marry us! You were so kind and thoughtful throughout the whole time, getting to know us, coming to the venue, doing the ceremony so beautifully. We absolutely loved every minute, especially the hand-fasting. It was more perfect than we could have imagined and we had so many people say it was the best ceremony they had been to. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us memories to treasure for ever.  H&H

(Madeline) Thank you for contributing so much to our wedding – love, wisdom and yourself. As well as sharing how to tango in style! Madeline, it meant a huge amount to us to have you as our Celebrant. You were able to give outer expression to our inner “worlds” and to hold the space in an exquisite ceremony. The feelings from the circle still resonate deep within us – and is more than we could have imagined. Much of that was down to you, thank you. C&A

(KAren) … A step away from the traditional was definitely in order and you had written such a lovely personal ceremony that we felt we could say our individual vows, with a little touch of humour. A lot of people commented on how lovely it was. J&L

(Madeline) Thank you for crafting with us a ceremony that absolutely suited who we are and what we wanted to experience. And thank you for bringing such charm, gravity and integrity to that half hour.  People all said how warm and relaxed and transported they felt. You really connected us all! It was a delight to meet you and have your blessing on our special day of affirmation.  P&B

(Madeline and KAren) What a beautiful ceremony Friday was – not a stranger in sight. Thank you so much to you both – it was personal and wacky. H&J&I  (Father’s funeral)

(KAren) Organising a funeral is not something that a lot of us have experience of, you have limited time to create the most beautiful farewell for a person you love, all whilst experiencing deep grief. It can be an unbelievably overwhelming task.
KAren supported and guided me through the organisation of my dear sister’s funeral. I was feeling totally overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do and write, and KAren made me feel that it was totally achievable to accomplish it all in a short time. KAren came to my house and we went through a plan of how to structure a beautiful ceremony to celebrate my sister’s life. She held the focus during the ceremony, and I knew I could totally rely on her to hold the day together. I can’t underestimate how important that trust is in a celebrant. KAren was amazing, sensitive and gentle. She went out of her way to support us. E (Sister’s funeral)

(Madeline) I wanted to write and thank you for everything you did towards Ben’s
funeral on Monday. It seemed to me to be a perfect occasion. The
confidence and compassion with which you managed the gathering at
the community centre in particular was a blessing for everyone
present. I have not been to a funeral before where so many people
came – nor where so many from such different parts of the deceased
person’s life felt able to participate with such openness and trust.
I think you made everyone feel safe.
To the extent you were involved in planning the musical and other
ceremonial elements I also want to give my thanks. I know that Ben
would have loved these. B (Uncle’s funeral)

(Madeline) I just wanted to say thank you again for the lovely reading you did for my father. it was a very nice ceremony short and sweet which I know he would have wanted. You were very supportive and caring, and it was a pleasure working with you.
Thank you
  Z (Father’s funeral)

(Madeline) We feel so lucky to have had Madeline conducting our beautiful blessing ceremony, it was like a dream come true. I knew from the moment we met her that she was right for us. She found out about how we met, what we feel our union holds for us and so much personal history was included on the day. Lots of our friends have said it was the most genuine and moving ceremony they have ever attended. V&S

(Madeline) We were all very happy with the funeral, stepdad included.  It was perfect – intense, as it always would be, but just right  We all felt you held the ceremony with warmth, and that it was personal, respectful and entirely about mum – you conducted the ceremony just as we wanted.  Thank you. CF (Mother’s funeral)