I originally trained as a therapist and worked in the Mental Health Service and as an independent therapist for many years.

I was the founder and organiser of Dance Camp East, an annual week long celebration of dance, music and community for 500 people held under canvas in the wilds of North Norfolk and later in Suffolk.

I am also a mother, grandmother and Tango dancer!

After taking early retirement I trained as a Celebrant which incorporates my deep interest in people and their histories, and the pleasure in creating memorable, transitional, authentic and magical events. I have planned numerous Baby Namings and Blessings, Weddings and Civil Ceremonies and Funerals. I have also much enjoyed conducting large scale celebrations at festivals and gatherings.  I always prefer to work collaboratively, with small groups or individuals.

I am a humanist, but I am interested in and have been inspired by world religions, ancient Celtic and ‘New Age’ spirituality.  I am always happy to include readings, poems, prayers or music from all faiths and cultures.

I believe simply that we are all nourished by love, family, friendship and community, and by the Natural World.


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