I am half Norwegian and half British, and grateful for my heritage which has given me a Scandinavian tradition of personalising life events. I have enjoyed being involved in both individual and community celebrations all my life.

I have been in a supportive role in many events, workshops and projects connected with Community Arts, eg Rural Arts Trust, Action Space Mobile, Footsbarn Theatre Company, Puppetworks and Earth Education.  I trained with Welfare State International in the 90s to Create Ceremonies and have latterly taken an introduction in Soul Midwifery, with constant updates.

All these diverse experiences have contributed to developing my own creativity and skills, enabling me to work collaboratively and facilitate  events with character!

As a teacher and student I believe in ‘life long learning’ and enjoy working with clients,
tailoring a piece to fit, using previous experience, intuition and my own ideas as well as those of others to create an inspired Celebration! I like to enable children and young people to fully participate where possible.

I am inspired to help people enrich, enhance and empower their lives by marking special occasions. I have been a Celebrant for numerous events, both privately and for Albion Days (see links). These include Namings, Weddings and Funerals.

It is an honour to participate in ceremonies and I love what I do!


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